Bolo. Intelligent Home Security.

Our Vision

We put your mind at ease by empowering you to keep your home secure, and your loved one’s safe, 24 hours a day.

We use innovative technology to build comprehensive home security and monitoring solutions, while keeping your privacy as our number one priority.

Bolo Sentinel, utilizing nami WiFi sensing technology, matches state-of-the art security systems with the intelligent nami app that puts control squarely in your hands.


Intuitive by design.

We believe that home security should be accessible and available to all. This guides our simple set-up process and integration with the convenient nami app.

Putting minds at ease.

Our goal is comprehensive home security, without endless complications and additional components. That’s what makes Bolo Sentinel so effective: Match a system to multiple properties and secure them all through the one app. 


We believe home security must be driven by the latest developments in technology. We use cutting edge WiFi sensing because the security camera and sensor technology that has been around for decades suffers from unacceptable vulnerabilities.

Family well-being and safety.

Bolo Sentinel is not just about securing the home. Our ultimate goal is your family’s well-being.  That’s why we have created a system that lets you check in on children and vulnerable family members when you’re not home.

Privacy First Home Security

Privacy first.

Your privacy matters to us, because if you don’t feel your privacy is protected, you won’t feel like your home is safe and secure. That’s why Bolo Sentinel doesn’t rely on video cameras or recording devices, and why your personal data is not collected. 

Security Meets Social Responsibility.

All Bolo Sentinel products are created with both the customer and the broader impact on society, in mind.

Our values mean:

Exceeding data protection standards.
Empowering our workers.
Ensuring the safety of our products.
A healthy work culture.
Doing our bit to protect the natural environment.