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We commit to privacy

Bolo Sentinel places privacy at the heart of home security. This means, unlike most traditional security systems, we do not collect any personal information. We go beyond industry privacy standards to ensure that your security never comes at the expense of privacy.

Non line of sight

Non-line-of-sight surveillance.

Traditional home security systems rely on cameras and recording devices that observe your home. Not Bolo Sentinel. Bolo Sentinel relies on WiFi Sensing technology that detects motion, without recording any personal information.

Privacy by design.

Bolo Sentinel was intentionally developed without requiring personal information for its operation. Where no personal information is collected, there is no risk of personal information being disclosed or misused.

Privacy by design
no monetization of data

No monetization of data.

Our sole focus is on home security and monitoring. We do not collect your personal data, we do not treat it as a commodity, and we do not sell data to third parties.

Access managed.

The nami app has three user modes, ‘curator’, ‘family member’ and ‘steward’, with that mode controlling the privileges of the user. Only the ‘curator’ has access to Sentinel settings, ensuring that those settings remain private.

No dependence personal data


No. The Bolo Sentinel security system relies on WiFi sensing technology to detect motion, and does not require any cameras. 

Traditional home security systems rely on cameras which, by their nature, personally identify individuals. Both their physical appearance, and the inside of the home are information which identifies an individual.

Bolo Sentinel uses WiFi sensing technology to detect the disruption in WiFi waves, meaning you can be alerted to motion without automatically identifying a person or your home. 

As the ‘curator’, you have complete control of the security settings for Bolo Sentinel. Other users are either given ‘family member’, or ‘steward’ classifications which means they have full or limited access to the location.

Family members and stewards are not able to alter security settings. 

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No need for personal data

Home security that respects your privacy