Reduce false alarms

WiFi sensing technology reduces
false alarms by 90%.


Covers 1,000 sq. ft

For homes >1,000 sq. ft. simply
add additional system.


No invasive cameras

Place your system near personal areas without risking your privacy.



WiFi sensing technology

Bolo Sentinel uses intelligent WiFi sensing technology to secure your home.

It detects motion by observing how WiFi ‘waves’ are disrupted in the home, deterring intruders with an alarm, and communicating with you via the nami app.

An intelligent filtering system excludes pets, robot vacuum cleaners and similar activity — a major source of false alarms in traditional systems.

Why Bolo Sentinel

Discover the Home Security System with Intelligence

More than just home security

Monitor your own home and safety of your familly - without invasive cameras


Through the nami app, you control the app via one of three security modes:

  • Armed mode means that any motion is detected, intruders will trigger the 95 decibel alarm, and you will receive notifications on your phone or tablet.
  • Aware mode means that you will receive notifications of your choosing.
  • Relaxed mode is used when you are at home and means you will not be disturbed. 

You can turn Bolo Sentinel’s alarm system off and on in three distinct ways: 

  • Schedule the system to go in and out of ‘armed’ mode at particular times; 
  • Turn the system on or off manually when you leave or enter the home using the nami app; 
  • Use the geofencing feature to automatically recognise when you enter and leave the home. 

Yes. Bolo Sentinel is fitted with a loud 95 decibel alarm to effectively deter intruders. This sounds at the same time that you are notified of an intrusion via the nami app.  

The Sentinel system has an inbuilt RGB LED which changes color to reflect the system being in relaxed, aware, or armed modes. 

Each system covers one floor, up to 1,000 square feet. For dwellings with multiple levels, place one system on the ground floor, and add an additional system for each level. 

The Sentinel system must be placed in a central location in the property, such as a living area, as set out in the instructions provided with Bolo Sentinel. 

Yes. If at any time you are not receiving the notifications that you expect, you can simply adjust the sensitivity settings. 

You can set the sensitivity levels yourself to ensure that pets, robot vacuum cleaners and other minor disturbances do not trigger alerts. 

No. Each Bolo Sentinel system is just one payment of $89. 

Bolo Sentinel is introducing third-party professional monitoring from late 2022. 

Complete Home Security 
and Monitoring.

From $89